Aha World Annual Pass
Enjoy a full year of unlimited access to Aha World’s content, starting the moment you activate your pass.
- Unlimited Access: Unlock an ever-growing content collection, including exciting additions & gifts throughout the year.
- Regular Updates: Stay ahead with fresh adventures and enhancements.
- Interruption-Free: No ads. No in-app purchases.
- Multi-Device Access: Enjoy Aha World on all your devices by linking your purchase to a registered account.
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What You Get
- 12+ Themes:
Including The City, Magic Land, Ocean World, My World, The Farm, and more!
- 100+ Locations:
From favorites like Underwater World, Haunted House, and Dragon Islands to upcoming locations like School, Hospital, Restaurant, Pet Shop, and more!
- 20+ My World Locations:
From Pink Dream Mansion and Pool Party Villa to upcoming locations where you can design shops, zoos, museums, and diverse spaces.
- 500+ Outfits:
Explore diverse fashion with Pink Dream, Gothic, K-pop, Halloween, Y2K, and anticipate upcoming family, princess, and trendy clothing packs.
- 3000+ Pieces of Furniture
- 400+ Characters
- 200+ Animals