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Time for screen-free fun with the Aha World Sticker Playset

Peel, stick, and create stories with this sticker playset! Perfect for kids 3 and up, it's a fantastic way to boost creativity, fine motor skills, and have fun!

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Welcome to Aha World!

What will you discover?

  • Choose from a huge range of faces, features, and outfits to create your characters! They can be dashing, cute, or just downright weird.

  • Aha World is packed with residents who you control! Record their voices, choose their expressions, and play out YOUR stories. You can be anyone in Aha World!

  • Imagine, design your city, and adorn your space with furniture that's as unique as you! Build your very own world from the ground up!

  • In Aha World, YOU’RE the director! Hit record and tell your stories, no matter familiar or fantastical—AND you'll find hidden plots and fun puzzles to help!

Aha World

Aha World

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Want to take flight on a magical broomstick, embark on a treasure-hunting voyage beneath the waves, or play hero in the bustling streets of vibrant cities? Aha World lets you play out any story you want. There's an endless combination of themes, settings, and story-telling potential. And the excitement doesn't stop there – you can design your very own world and decorate your space in your unique style! No limit on your creativity—if you can dream it, you can play it!

Tips From Kids

This game is so fun for all ages! I gave it five stars because it is so fun to play, I spent hours playing it, it is so fun!

—Maryam T.

This game keeps my kid nice and calm and relaxed.

—Anika's Mom

This game is really fun and good 😊 I can play this for 2 hours straight cause it's fun! Au fait, je viens de France!! (By the way, I'm from France!!)

—Ashley B.

It's AWESOME! Although some stuff is paid but that's OK! I can buy it anytime!!! 5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

—Jennifer R.

I love this game because it is fun and kid friendly. My cousins and friends play this game too so yeah!

—Yuming W.

I love this game, I love the things, and I love the city! To the owner of Aha World I love this game it's so nice and cool! I hope everyone loves this game! I give it 5/5!!

—Jenella E.

Download this app right now! It's literally the best app ever! As soon as I watched the preview, I knew this app was going to be amazing, one click later it was installed, then I just played all night.

—Jennifer W.

This game is so cute, I love how you can decorate your own stuff and you can also decorate your character! I love it!

—Ana L.

I love this so much, it is so fun! You get to decorate your own home. It is so so fun!

—Heidi B.

Very cute app I love the outfits and the hair so much! Try it out sometime for sure!!

—Beatriz S.

This is amazing 😍 I hope you make more games like this!

—Joseph A.

It’s so fun, it makes me entertained and it’s such an amazing game and so cute!👍👍🥰

—Adaku O.

Love it sooo much! I love it! It's a great game it is so amazing I have no words for this game that's how good it is! You should try this game!

—Shanta W.

It is so cool and nice I love to play it and the cool stuff is fun!

—Pernicious W.

I love this game because it's helpful and I can learn new stuff.

—Roslyn T.