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Welcome to Aha World
What will you discover?
  • Create
  • Play as
  • Explore
  • Make
  • Choose from a huge range of faces, features, and outfits to create your characters! They can be dashing, cute, or just downright weird.
  • Aha World is packed with residents who you control! Record their voices, choose their expressions, and play out YOUR stories. You can be anyone in Aha World!
  • Go on adventures in rainforests, oceans, and cities. Pick up and interact with every item you find. Start by sending a dinosaur to town, or tap the sun to control the weather!
  • In Aha World, YOU’RE the director! Hit record and tell your stories, no matter familiar or fantastical—AND you'll find hidden plots and fun puzzles to help!
Aha World
Aha World
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Want to hang out with dinosaurs in strange locations? Or dig deep into the ground to discover hidden secrets? Or just act out real-life stories in everyday places? Aha World lets you play out any story you want. There’s an endless combination of themes, settings, and story-telling potential. No limit on your creativity—if you can dream it, you can play it!
Tips From Kids
  • Go to the kitchen in the Dino Land restaurant and put some meat on the big hook. The big sea monster jumps up and eats it!
  • Let the dinosaur loose! You can see it chase the car past the window. I love it!
  • You can use the fart noise to make it look like the characters are singing a fart song! It's super funny!